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Product Reviews

The reviews all started when I created the group Aussie Ute Campers (Now AUCampers) and was contacted by a few companies to do reviews of their products. It's something I enjoy doing, however take very seriously, It allows you to see some of the quality workmanship on offer by these awesome companies and the aim is to test the strength and quality of all the products. All suppliers of the products are listed on this site. 

If you are a business that would like to see your products featured on here, Please click the "Contact Us" button below.
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Dunn & Watson rectangle design white bac

Industrial hardware & spare parts for Motor Body Builders,User Camper Trailer, Caravan Manufacturers & Boat Builders Dunn & Watson have you covered. 

We have been utilising a draw storage system that the team at Dunn & Watson custom built to suit the requirements that WE had. 
12 months on and it is still like the day we got it. These are a must have. Contact the team at Dunn & Watson today and check out the gear you must have for you're next build.

4x4 MegaStore, Zero Alpha, Overl MSA 4x4 Accessories, Kick ss, Ultravision Lighting, Dunn & Watson, Joolca, Boss Aluminium, Tonec Custom Rods, Top End Campgear, The Ultimate Suspensionnding, Over Landing,

Tonec Custom Rods was created in early 2018 by avid fisher Craig.

Custom made rods, specialising in bait caster and spin rods. Craig takes his rod building very seriously to ensure that the end product is nothing but quality. Tonec Custom Rods has sent customer rods throughout all of Australia to be used catching barra to bream, carp to cod. 
Time is taking to ensure your rod is built exactly how you want it.


Founded in 2003, 100% Aussie owned Oricom is an expert in communication technologies and a leader in design and ideas.

They know that while technology advances, talk is timeless, so they create products that use the newest technologies to meet your changing needs at every stage in life.

Because they are 100% Australian owned, we have firsthand understanding of the unique communication challenges facing our customers here in Australia and New Zealand. Because of this knowledge and expertise, our products are built specifically for local conditions and have been expertly engineered to be technically exact and very robust. They pride them selves on quality engineering paired with functional and attractive design.

They also understand the importance of service and support.  Our business is built to ensure that we can look after you and your needs long after you have left the shop with an Oricom product.

23zero logo path orange TM 500px126p.png

The team at 23 ZERO are passionate outdoor enthusiasts with over 25 years experience in manufacturing quality outdoor gear. With the team spread across the two most active countries in the world, Australia and the USA, we saw the opportunity to realize our dreams and develop products that we would use and could rely on when out and about in our 4x4s.

We rigorously test our products in both countries to ensure a first class build knowing that whatever you put it through your 23 Zero gear will go the journey with you.

We are passionate, experienced, and confident that you will be thrilled when taking your 23 Zero Gear out with you on your travels. We strive to provide our customers with affordable but reliable gear without compromising on design or quality. We welcome feedback both positive and negative and promise to keep delivering whilst listening to our customers.

Ultravision Lighting.png

Ultra Vision is an Australian based manufacturer producing LED lighting for extreme environments focusing on recreational and heavy industrial applications.  By manufacturing in Australia they have total control over the quality and output of the lights giving us the confidence to offer a 5 year warranty, irrespective of the environment.  As a result, the products have become favourites in the Australian 4×4 and mining scenes.

Their vision is simple – ‘To be a symbol of excellence for Australian electronics manufacturers’. 

Their mission is clear – ‘To only produce products where we can improve on performance and durability on what is already available on the market internationally’.

Join them on our journey to ensure excellence in Australian manufacturing is sustained.

4x4 MegaStore, Zero Alpha, Overl MSA 4x4 Accessories, Kick ss, Ultravision Lighting, Dunn & Watson, Joolca, Boss Aluminium, Tonec Custom Rods, Top End Campgear, The Ultimate Suspensionnding, Over Landing,
IPD Mud Logo copy.png

Great Oz designed and made gear. We have been using the iplaydirty gear for a few years now to be able really test it. It gets worn everywhere. If you haven't already gone and checked it out and grabbed some iplaydirty gear, we recommend you should. Click Here

The Ultimate Suspension specializes in fully integrated suspension packages to suit 4WD vehicles, SUVs, recreational and high performance sedans.

The Ultimate Suspension has been providing solutions to motoring needs and lifestyle requirements since 1975.

The Company, Australian Ultimate Suspension PTY Limited, prides itself on being at the forefront of today's technology in the design and manufacturing of superior, fully integrated suspension systems. Designed and manufactured in Australia, these are exported throughout the World.

The Ultimate Suspension is designed to enhance safety, comfort, performance and reliability and is built to a quality standard, not a compromise.

Whether your suspension requirements are for covering the family commuting vehicle, the workhorse or the recreational escape machine, not to forget the high performance dream machine, The Ultimate Suspension is there for you.

TRades choice TC LOGO.jpg

Well.......leaving the best until last!
The Moremi Sports, what a cracking roof top tent. We have had this now for 18 months and have spent many nights camping in it. We have had nearly every type of weather (except snow). We have added a few of our own touches to keep things organized whilst traveling. Not only is it the easiest to and nearly the fastest Roof top tent to set up currently on the market, but the price wasn't to bad either.


The roof can carry up to 70 Kgs . Bikes, solar, surfboards, kayaks etc.

Weighs approx 49 to 51 kgs

Lightest RTT in its class 200mm low profile 2200 long x 1500 wide

Super comfy 80mm mattress (apologies, I stayed 70mm in the video)

Bedding can be stored inside

Heavy duty Military grade Grey canvas

Fully welded alloy body

Super simple opening and closing. 

Here is a link of some Velcro pockets we have since installed for keeping our clothing in whilst traveling. - Click Here

To take a look at the Moremi Review - Click Here

T.C Boxes was born with the simple objective of providing safe, reliable and secure storage solutions to tradies of Australia.

As they developed their business they found it was not just trades who needed toolboxes, Campers need canopies, hunters needed dog boxes and a few of us just needed somewhere to put things on our ute. Their product range has continually developed over the past 4 years to be the most extensive toolbox and canopy range in Australia.

They only provide the best quality boxes at awesome great value prices. Having had over 15 years experience in the building industry before commencing T.C Boxes they fully understand what you want and for what price.

We have had the T.C Boxes 1200mm canopy now for several year and it has undergone several fit outs trying to find the right internal set up that suits us when traveling. The team at T.C Boxes have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Our canopy whilst not being used day in and day out like a tradie, it does get a lot of use as it lives on the back of the ute and does not get taken off, nor babied. We like to test the gear we use and report back to the companies to make them aware of anything that we feel that they can improve on. T.C Boxes have nailed the quality and design of the boxes with strength, Quality and price in mind. 

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