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Below are a couple of the items that we have put through their paces whilst out travelling. Whilst I never had any dramas with the gear that I have purchased through Australian Direct, it is always good to see the quality and see just what they can tolerate. Please note that we aren't out to try and break the goods. We are however putting them to the test. They will be bouncing around in a camper over some of the rougher tracks through out Australia. Below are some video's of the products. These videos are by Australian Direct Not Aussie Ute Campers
There will be: 

1 x Kickass 71l Dual Zone fridge freezer

1 x Kickass 120a/h 12v AGM Battery

1 x 12v/20amp 8 Stage Automatic Battery Charger

1 x Kickass 12v Food Sealer - These are a new line that Australian Direct have to offer from March 2017

1 x Kickass 12v digital watt meter

1 x Kickass portable LED Lighting Kit

1 x Kickass Shower Ensuite

2 x Kickass Camp Chairs

Kickass 71L Dual-Zone Fridge/Freezer

The KickAss 12v Dual Zone 71L Portable Camping Fridge & Freezer with Wi-Fi

After spending months contemplating purchasing a new fridge, we stumbled across the Kickass fridge line that Australian Direct had not long released. After checking through its features, it had all of the requirements we were looking for in a fridge. Australian Direct had certainly taken the time to get rid of some of the crappier features from other brands and include the better features with the Kickass Outdoor Products.

It's the little things that travellers like us enjoy the most. LED lighting, ease of use, reliability and durability. The Kickass Range had all of these. Straight away the 5 year Australia wide warranty caught my eye. This is something not every manufacturer offers and it is peace of mind knowing that the warranty covers everything, not hiding important details in the fine print.

We have taken this fridge out and given it a real shake up in our travels over the last couple of months bouncing over some rough terrain and so far so good! Not that I am surprised... One thing that we noticed is that the insulation is noticeably thicker than some of the other brands on the market. This does make it slightly bigger overall however we had our fridge running in our camper parked in the sun in 40+ degrees and it varied only slightly in temp (which was to be expected, it was bloody hot!). It was great to just have the reliability to pull out an ice cold beer after a long hot day.

Some of the features that we found great about this fridge are:

  • The ease of use. It was so simple that I am confident that my 8 year old daughter can to operate it.

  • Recessed Anderson plug. There's often a lot of juggling and tetris when it comes to stacking into a camper for a week away. The recessed plug means there's minimal chance of something bumping the plug only to arrive at your destination with hot meat and beers.

  • USB Charging points and cigarette plug charging points. These are brilliant if you're sitting in camp at night planning the following day needing to charge your navigation equipment or phones whilst having a beer or wine beside the fridge.

  • Then there is the Danfoss (Secop) compressor. I've been around camp fridges long enough to know about the Danfoss and its reputation for building a quality compressor. Not much needs to be said about the well know compressor.

  • The stackable baskets in the fridge are an awesome idea. My daughter loves to help but isn't great at putting things back the way they were... getting things out of the bottom of the fridge is now really easy.

  • The low voltage battery protection was another important thing for us knowing that the fridge would shut down instead of draining our battery.

  • The Wi-Fi was a great little add on which, admittedly, I haven't spent a huge amount of time to understand and trial but that's next on the list of things to do. Technology has come a long way, and why not use it to make our lives a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

I know that we haven't covered everything with these fridge yet. But, with an ever growing arsenal of KickAss products, you can bet I'll continue tinkering with the products and I will continue shopping with Australian Direct. With friendly and helpful service from Klaeton and his team that are always more than willing to take to time to answer questions and point you in the right direction for the best possible set up to suit your needs. You know that they take pride in what they sell.

Authors - Matt & Anthea

Kickass 12v/20amp - 8 Stage Automatic Battery Charger

KickAss 12V / 20 Amp - 8 Stage Automatic Battery Charger

Under $200. That's right. Under $200 is all it costs for the 12v/20amp KickAss 8 Stage Automatic charger from Australian Direct. 
I thought I had better give one of these a go. I placed the order and 2 days later it was here. Straight up to the shed and hooked it up. 5.5 hours later (may have been done in less) and the battery was charged. These are so simple to use (i didn't read the manual etc until after it had the battery charged) 
Check out the video and all the specs on the unit 

When opening the box, you can see it is a well built unit with a solid feel. The inclusion of the inline Anderson plug is a bonus for anyone wanting to mount the unit in their camper or just want a nice and  

simple connection to a Anderson input to their battery. Alternatively, even easier if you have the KickAss battery box that has the Anderson input/outputs. Not a lot more I can say apart that they are a must have for anyone with an AGM battery. By keeping your AGM battery as full as possible, whenever possible will help extend the life of your battery.

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