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Camp Hygene


There is nothing worse then having that lingering smell when you're out camping, only to realise that smell is you. Here are a couple of simple steps and items can make that camping experience a whole lot more enjoyable and stop you being a little on the nose.


Remember:- If you can smell yourself, Others have been able to for a while.

The Portable Shower


Going camping, 4x4ing, fishing, hiking or just to the beach. Camp showers have come a long way over the years. The recent favourite for me would be the 12v Portable Camping Shower. There are several companies with rechargeable 2200 maH lithium-ion battery and pump all in an enclosed housing on the bottom of the unit. The best thing about these is you can submerse the pump into a bucket/stream and and with the push of a button you will have a flow of 2L/pm for approximately 1 hour from a single charge. To recharge, you simply have to plug it into a USB charging point (same place as you charge your phone). It’s that simple!    Oh and don’t forget your water.


Small soap blocks or a little trick I like to use is, take a peeler and shave some single use strips off a bigger soap block and throw them into a snaplock bag.

Baby Wipes

That’s right! Baby wipes. They are a great thing. They take up next to no room and can clean all that dirt and grime off for a quick freshen up.



Last but the most important of them all. You should always take plenty of water. Whether it be for drinking or showering. It is something that no camper should leave home without.



If you’re going to be travelling or camping for a wile out in the scrub. Something as simple as a 10L or 20L Bucket with a plunger in the top can work great as a makeshift washing machine OR if you’re going to be driving, grab a 10L or 20L water tight bucket and put in your washing liquid and half fill the bucket with water. This will help wash your clothes while you drive.


Deodorant alone just won’t do the job. That’s why simple thing like the above will keep you feeling fresh and allow you to keep feeling fresh when o

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