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10 Tips and Tricks for Your 12v Fridge/Freezer

Tips and Tricks for your 12v fridge/freezer

1. Keep your fridge full
It’s important to try and keep your fridge full. By doing this your fridge has less open spaces to cool, open space means your fridge will draw more power to keep that air cold. By keeping your fridge full, the items in your fridge effectively act as Ice bricks, helping keep your fridge cool. Don’t forget to select a fridge size that is best suited to your needs.


2. Limit opening the lid
Opening the lid of your fridge releases the cold air inside, and lets warm air in, this in turn means your fridge will need to start and try and cool the inside down again. Therefore, increasing your fridges power consumption.

Vacuum Sealing
This is a must have for anyone that goes fishing or on long trips away camping, especially if you don’t have a dualzone fridge/freezer. By vacuum sealing your food, not only will it keep it fresh for longer, but it will also save space.  Don’t just think its meat that you can vacuum seal either..., fruit and vegetables will keep fresh at fridge temperatures for several weeks.

3. Wire it right
Make sure you use a good size cable running to your fridges power source eg. Anderson plug or cig socket. A good size cable to use for your fridge wiring is 6mm. This will allow your fridge to draw the current it needs to power itself efficiently. Most vehicles come with underpowered wiring running from the battery to the cigarette lighter sockets,

4. Use Storage Baskets
Using storage baskets allows the cold air to circulate the items in the fridge easier. Therefore, keeping the items in the fridge/freezer nice and cold

5. A Fridge Cover
This is why fridges come with a cover. They add an extra layer of protection to your fridge helping stop damage in the way of scratches, and dust and dirt getting into the compressor, not only that, they also have insulation properties to help with keeping the fridge cooler.

6. Keep your fridge shaded
Extreme temperatures can affect the performance of your 12v fridge. Its recommended that when stopping for break or setting up camp, ensure that your fridge is in the shade.  Temperatures inside an enclosed vehicle or canopy in the sun can get up to 60 degrees and upwards.

7. Ventilation
Make sure your fridges vents are never blocked when running. Your fridge needs to breath so it can do its job properly. When setting up at camp, place your fridge in a clear, well ventilated, shady area if you’re taking it from your vehicle for best performance. If you leave your fridge in your vehicle, it is recommended to get a fridge cage to help keep objects clear of the fridge that may shift when traveling.

8. Pack and cool down before leaving home
This is a great way to save putting unnecessary load on your fridge and battery. By using the 240v power at home and having the fridge packed with the items your taking away and brought down to temperature before leaving means, not only do you get to make sure your fridge is running and working fine before you leave but makes sure everything is nice and cold before you leave.

9. Open the Fridge slowly
A simple yet effective trick is to open the fridge about 10cm slowly then open it normally. By doing this it allows the cold air not to be sucked out by the vacuum created when opening the lid normally. Simple yet effective.

10. Clean thoroughly after use
I Always make sure that you give the inside of your fridge a clean when you have finished using it with some warm soapy water. Fridges left uncleaned can be quite smelly if left for a period of time. Let’s face it, no one wants that when they go to use it next for their next trip.
DON’T FORGET - Use something like a scrunched-up shopping bag to help keep the lid/s open while in storage. This will allow airflow and stop moisture and mould from growing.

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