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Exploring What Australia Has To Offer

A Little About Us

AUCampers (Formally Aussie Ute Campers) began a Facebook group in January 2015, due to a lack of information regarding camper builds etc for the DIY person. In that time the group has now become one of the largest and most valued discussion groups for ute campers, trailer campers and wagons.

Being a family friendly group and a place where thousands of like minded individuals seek help and ideas for their own setups. The group has now reached over 67,000 members and continues to grow.

As the group gets bigger we are doing what we can to channel the information on the page and put the key elements on this website to help you with your set up and build ideas.

While your here check out the Contributors and Supporting Companies for some insight to the page and its helpers.

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Zelly & Brad 

2021 What a Year  

  • COVID-19 Put a halt to a lot of plans we had for this year. Border closures and lockdowns made traveling near impossible for nearly everyone.


  • Whilst the lockdowns were in place and travel was near impossible, the AUCampers Hilux got a bit more love. We installed a new TJM Pro Series Compressor with the plans to install a rear locker in the near future, however for the moment it is connected to the under-tray air tank with air outlets either side. 


  • A new 40l undertray water tank from Dunn & Watson was installed and plumbed up for some of those longer trips


  • After some deliberation, Anthea and I decided that the old canopy fitout was not the most efficient, so as they say, out with the old and in with the new!     A new Bushman’s 85l litre upright fridge replaced the 75l Kickass fridge that was on the Ridge 4x4 tilt slide, a full Enerdrive Traveller Lithium system was installed with 2 x 100ah of lithium eLite batteries with a Simarine monitor and a new bigger alloy draw from the guys up there at Dunn & Watson. 


  • January had also seen border restrictions in place, which made it hard again to travel. With a trip planned to head east to the coast and the up to Morton Island scrapped, Nicci from dicki_4x4_touring on Insta and our selves made the decision to head in the opposite direction with only 30 mins of planning. We jumped in the cars and headed west not knowing what each day was going to bring or where we were heading. For anyone that has never done a spontaneous trip like this, we strongly recommend. It has been chalked up to one of the best trips yet.


  • To cap off 2021. We did a few more trips in and around the local area. Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, a campsite tucked 20 mins drive up the beach.


  • I will say though. Whilst the majority of people left campsites clean and tidy, my daughter and I on more times than not, had to pick up the rubbish that was left behind by grubs. We worked with local authorities to have 4 car loads of people charged with littering as we had video footage from a camper that was staying at the grounds. This only happened by chance! The grubs came back and this time were caught on video and were reported to the local authorities, who confirmed at a later date that the people that had left the rubbish had received significant fines.


  • AUCampers have a heap coming up in 2022 and we will be taking you along for the ride. There will be plenty of video's, giveaway's, info and tips on places to go and see. 

  • So please. Head over to our Instagram, Facebook Page and YouTube Channel and Like, Follow and Subscribe

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Life's To Short

How many people want to get out and travel but are to scared of packing up and taking that trip for a week, 2 weeks, a month, a year of just travel full time?? tooo many to count. We weren't put on this earth to grow up, work our whole lives, then die. There is more to life then that, and with a crackin country like OZ and all it has to offer, you're mad not to go and check it out.

To many times I have heard of people working their whole lives only to miss out and not get to enjoy the beautiful country we and many others call home. Don't postpone life! Life is what you make of it! Grab life by the balls and start enjoying it. Life is what we make it.

Remember....... We don't live forever and tomorrow is never promised. 

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